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This is a big long story that I’m going to have to write in stages – mostly so I don’t get writer’s cramp or RSI….LOL.  Well, where do I start??  It was February (ok, so I’m a little behind on my news….) – and the whole family’s off to the Big Smoke!  Sydney!!  Yay – we’d been looking forward to this for 6 months and we were finally going to see Acca Dacca in concert WOOHOO!  We hooked up with some good friends of ours – Jeff & Trish and their 2 teenage kids, Katie & Bryce – and with AC/DC tickets safely stashed, off we jetted. Touch down in Sydney – saw the Opera House, Harbour Bridge,  Sydney Tower, skyscrapers blah blah etc etc from the plane – how awesome!!!!!!!  My son took lots of photos of the clouds for Grandma (she likes clouds….) .  The journey out of the airport terminal was fairly uneventful, no luggage went missing or anything so I didn’t have an excuse to replace any of my daggy clothes (bummer), however I cannot say that the journey to our hotel in the middle of Sydney was peaceful and not fraught with a few tense moments due to the fact that I have never seen so much traffic in my life!  Especially traffic that sits within about a quarter of an inch from the bumper bar of the car in front and I could pass a sandwich to the person in the car next to me without having to stretch my arm too much!!!  OI!!  What happened to personal space??  Doesn’t apply in Sydney, apparently.

Clouds.....from the plane

Anyway…I digress….got to the hotel – in one piece (wonders will never cease!) checked in, checked out the room – nice and big and really good apart from the concrete bed…… We all decided to trot off for a little stroll down the middle of  Sydney city to Circular Quay.  There were loads of amazing little el fresco eateries and stuff – none of us could make up our mind what to have, too many choices!  So we made our way to the Sydney Opera House and stood just inside the entrance – just so we could say we had been “inside” the Opera House!!  Wow!  It really is outstanding, our Aussie Opera House and next time I go to Sydney I’m going to go and see a show there – doesn’t matter what it is, I’m going to see it anyway!  We took lots of photos of the sun finally going down (at like… 90’clock at night!)  and lots of photos of all the people – masses of them – going about their business or just being tourists like us.  There was a huge passenger ship berthed in the harbour – that was a sight to see.  Everything in Sydney is big and imposing – crowds, buildings, ships, shops, prices…….they even have double decker trains!  How cool is that!! (Did you know that the trains only stop for about 3 hours out of 24 hours  in Sydney – we know ‘cos our hotel overlooked the Central Train Station and that’s the only time we got any peaceful sleep!).  We even stopped to watch this mad street performer who defied all the odds and actually rode this 5 meter tall unicycle!

Finally we decided on stopping at the “Belgian Chocolate” eating place – we could apparently get some “normal” food there – like pies and fancy sandwiches – as well as the dreamiest of naughty desserts and coffee….  Finally, after gorging ourselves……we went for a stroll back “home” which actually felt like it was 20 kilometers away (but wasn’t really).  I couldn’t believe the amount of people still around at 11pm – hordes of them!  Now where I come from – that’s the time when we’re all tucked up in bed and the streets are empty!  Anyway……the end of the first day of our holidays……..Next time I’ll tell you about Day 2!

Bryce & Jake & Opera House

Hubby & Son & Harbour Bridge

Crazy Street Perfomer

BIG Cruise Ship

Delish Dessert

Harbour Bridge & Ship


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