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I’m OVER it!!!  What’s “IT”  you ask????  Sorting all my beads and findings and beads and chains (actually I haven’t even GOT to the chains yet!!!) and beads and wire and STILL MORE BEADS !!!!!!!AAAARRGH………  And I don’t even need to wonder how much money is tied up in these piles of stuff ‘cos I know how much money is tied up!  Anyway… the task was so daunting and I am such a procrastinator about what to keep and what not to keep that I enlisted the help of my good ol’ Mum.  So every time I look like slowing down or (Lord forbid!) actually think about keeping something that I haven’t used or even looked at since… like..well….since I bought it….. she who must be obeyed just gives me “The Look” and I quickly banish the unwanted thought and get back on track!  Now you all know about “The Look” that mothers use on their kids (and husbands… he he)!  Mothers hand it down to their daughters but only when they have their own kids and can be trusted to use it properly!  It’s the one that warns you that you are only inches away from the worst place in the world and you sooooo don’t wanna be there!!  My son reckons I’m most scariest when I don’t say a word and just “Look” at him!  Yeah – scary – that’s me!!  HA HA – all 5 foot 2 inches of lean mean fighting Mum-machine that strikes fear into the heart of everyone that’s bigger than me!!  I love it! Cracks me up!

Anyway – I digress – lucky Mum’s gone home or I would be in serious trouble for slacking off.  I’m sick of sorting…. but sort I must.  I promised myself no playing on my torch until I have the first listing up for auction on Ebay.  So I guess I’ll be back into it tomorrow.

Are you guys gonna come to my auction????  Still can’t believe how much stuff there is…..

Catch you later – have a good night!

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Hello Blog ‘n Bead Buddies!!  Guess what  I’m doing??  No, nothing quite as exotic or exciting as I’m sure you are imagining right now……unfortunately I am not winging my way to a tropical paradise in the Whitsundays or embarking on a free holiday to Alaska or being wined and dined at a posh restaurant (well any restaurant that’s not Sizzler’s is posh to me  lol) or packing 200 of my lampwork beads into post bags because some fab customer thinks they would make dazzling exclusive jewellery (sigh, that would be nice….), I’m not even reading a letter from Woolies that congratulates me because I’ve won free groceries for a year (I wish!)……no, no, no…… I’m sitting in the middle of my “shed” (that’s what I call my rumpus room where I work) surrounded by kilometres of boxes of beads and beading components and wire and “stuff” thinking ….. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How on earth did I accumulate all this stuff????????????????  I didn’t even remember I had HALF these things!!

No wonder my poor long suffering hubby has a minor heart attack every time I bring something else home!  Well here’s a revelation for you – NEVER EVER again am I going to go stupid and buy humongous amounts of anything (well not until the next project, craft or hobby hits me, anyway… ha ha ha).  You know why?   ‘Cos now I’m gonna sell most of it!  That’s right – I seriously need to de-clutter for the simple reason is that I’ve run out of available space and I like my neighbours and I don’t want to move house!   I still have things I bought 9 or 10 or more years ago that I have never even opened – hobbies that I thought I could really get my teeth into like…. felt mobiles – I have a truck load of felt (somewhere – I haven’t got to that box yet) and glitter painting on t-shirts – I’ve still got the unopened mega bottle of glue and 48 containers of glitter….  Glass painting I did do for a while – I could open a shop with the number of colours I have and folk art was another hobby I sunk my teeth into for a while.  But none of them really took my fancy like beading!!  You beaders know exactly what I mean, don’t you?  Where do you stop?  Well the problem is – I didn’t!  I discovered the internet!  YAY!!  I could shop the world over and never leave my chair…and shop I did!  Lots of therapy shopping – not sure why it was therapy shopping, I wasn’t depressed or going through a breakup or anything! Mum and I used to go to the Bead & Gem Shows and – I kid you not – I used to take a spare suitcase just so I could fill it up with goodies to bring home!

Back to my floor covered in boxes………

I’ve moved on…to a different type of beading ….so I don’t need lots of the sorts of things I have in my stash which includes lots of plated components/findings, indian beads, gemstones, metal beads etc etc.  I prefer precious metals, making my own components and lampwork beads and the like and I have so much of the stuff I won’t use any more it’s just doing my head in!!  So – out it must go!  Cost price or less – and there will be kilos of the stuff.

So…the burning question is………….. anyone interested???   I’ll sort it all out and get back to you.  I thought I might list it in my ebay store, or on the website first to see if I get any takers.   In the meantime, if you are interested in being contacted when it’s all ready – please drop me an email at    sandypandybeads@yahoo.com.au

Have a great Monday!



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G’day fellow blog-land inhabitants!  Guess what??  I have a few more beads to share…..  Now I know I still have to finish my story on Sydney and I’ve got tales to tell about Fraser Island too but I’ve only got 2 hands and half a brain and I haven’t learnt to type with my toes yet so….one thing at a time!  Here’s more beads, in the meantime!

Happy weekend!




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Yep – they just keep on coming…..and it’s not over yet!! Well, it is over for tonight ‘cos this little chicken is off to beddy-byes!  Just thought you might like a little Sandy Pandy eye candy….. These cute and cool little cupcake or patty cake beads are the latest offering.  Many thanks to Laura Sparling who provided the tutorial for these beads and who has generously given permission for their reproduction and sale.

Cheers and have a good night! (or morning….)

Cupcake 1

Cupcake 3

Cupcake 4

Cupcake 2

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Just finishing off listing the bead sets that I have photos for.  Do you know that photographing my beads has single handedly been the reason that my hair is now falling out!!  Of course, I am helping it along by TEARING it out! lol  And it’s all been because I have spent countless hours (and money…) setting up different light tents, different lights, reflector thingies, different angles, different coloured backgrounds, different cameras, tables near natural light sources, tables outside in sunlight, tables inside under flouro lights,  blah blah.  Then there’s the problem of too much glare near the window or it’s too dark because the sun is out the back of the house and I’m at the front because I’ve spent too long setting up, more blah blah blah.  I try to be all arty farty and create shadows because I’ve seen awesome looking photos where the beads are in part shadow and it looks awesome!  So I’ve turned myself inside out  whilst hanging upside down from the table  to try and create the best “shadow” for the photo (ok, ok I know I exaggerate but indulge me….).  I know my beads look lovely in the flesh but I am trying to sell them to customers who can’t pick them up and fondle them and see how beautiful they really are ..SO…..  I need to have a really good photo so that you guys will buy them – and a crappy photo just won’t do! (ok,  Sandy….  take a breath now…..)

So,  I am trying something new with my photos – using some  different backgrounds to see how the beads come up because (believe it or otherwise) a white background is not usually the best to bring out the true colours in my beads.  I know – shock, horror!!!  I can’t speak for anyone else’s beads but – my beads (or is it my camera????)  prefer either a reflective or greyish background in order for their colours to show truer.  For example my purple crazy agate sterling silver necklace looked absolutely terrible on a white background – all washed out – and I just couldn’t put the colour back in using Photoshop but when I put it on a slightly greenish background – Bingo!!  Purple pops!! So green background it was – for purple crazy agate anyway.

See how you like the new photos – last post and this one.  Don’t forget about my sale…it ends in just under a week!

Cheers – have a good week!

Purple Angels

Verde Viola

Retro Days

Larkspur - Natural Light - SOLD

Larkspur - Flouro Light - SOLD

No – you don’t need to put on your specs for “Larkspur”.

It is a colour shifting glass that changes depending on whether you’re in natural light or fluorescent light.  Pretty neat eh!

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Sorry….there’s been a bit of a drought on by way of beads…well not really – I have been making them, just haven’t had the time to put them anywhere.  Well at last – here’s a couple of sets for a bit of eye candy – with more to come tomorrow  At least it’s a start.

Shades of Purple



As usual – you can find these and more on my website…..

Have a good night…or day – wherever you happen to be!

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Yep – I’m doing it! Finally having a sale!  I need to clear my stash of beads and stuff to ……well make room for more beads and stuff of course!!  LOL   Anyway for those who are interested in grabbing a bargain or two – I’m having a 20 – 50% off most items in my website, in Etsy and Artfire .  But if you just go to my website – everything is listed so that will save you a trip to Etsy or Artfire……   So pleeease buy some beads or jewelry or bookmarks or key rings or handbag charms –  ‘cos I need to pay for my new torch….hehe  Anyways, should you be interested just click on the links 

My Website

On a different note – it’s school holidays here and end of financial year so nothing much in the way of beading or making beads is happening.  I did have play around with a whole pile of  CIM colours that I just received.  Boy are they AWESOME!!!   I just love them!  Made a whole pile of sets in all shades of purples….haven’t even started on most of the other colours yet.  I also finally got my stash of boroscillicate (boro) glass so when all the madness of tax time is over I will look forward to having a play.  Yes – I have turned to the “dark” side and have been coerced into – well not really – trying “hard” glass as opposed to “soft” glass.  Anyway I’m really excited ‘cos I have ideas for some little “sculptural” type pieces – they may take me a while to iron out glitches though….

I’ve also still got to finish the saga of  Sydney and the Great Acca Dacca concert – more pics to show – how come there’s not another 20 hours in a day so I can get all this stuff done!

Cheers for now – will catch up properly real soon…..

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