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Yep.  That’s what I reckon anyway.  I can’t help but wonder if there is just ONE original idea left in the entire world.  Sure, there are new twists on old ideas.  Probably enough of a twist to make the old idea look new.  So in this world of lampworking where we are all trying to come up with “new” and “original” ideas, how many of us can really say we thought of “our idea” first.

So then we have the issue of “copying” someone else’s work.  What constitutes a “copy”?  I take a risk here…delving into this incredibly sensitive and emotive subject – of which everyone has an opinion (including me) and the opinions vary greatly and loudly!   I mean, take dots for an example – who owns them? Can anyone “own” a dot? Or stripes? Or birds?  Or frogs?  Or leaves?  Or angels?  Or owls? Or peyote stitch, or , or…..the list is endless.  Some people say that copying another’s work is the greatest form of appreciation…..I say to copy another person’s work exactly – is just plain rude…mostly (Why mostly??  Hang on, I’m getting to that bit…).  Now having said that, have I ever copied another artist’s work exactly (or tried to)?  Yes, I have (on the odd occasion)…but I would never dream of selling them and profiteering from it.  So what do I do with them?? The beads sit in my beautiful  glass bowl on my lampworking table as my personal tribute to that artist and as an inspiration to me (usually tells me that I suck at that style and I should stick to what I know I can do…..lol).

So when is it ok to copy, if ever?  My thoughts are that if you sell a tutorial – either online or in printed form – the person who buys the tutorial has purchased the right to make and sell the subject matter within, whether it be beads, murrini, jewellery, knitted jumpers, soap, tomato sauce – you name it – by selling the “recipe” I believe permission has been granted to reproduce the goods within for whatever purpose the purchaser sees fit.  Whilst my personal belief is that the person buying the tute should usually change colours and “tweak” things a bit to create their own style, if they choose to use the exact same colours etc as the instructions and offer it for sale, then would that be wrong?  Most authors of a tute would suggest that you change “something” when you sell what you make.  I have seen a couple of tutes where the author expressly says that this information is for your own personal use and items made from it must not be put up for sale.  In this case, you should respect that.  If you’re not happy with it – don’t buy the tute.   Most tutorials that I purchase – such as the one I used for my cupcake beads and also eye cane – give permission from the author for you to sell whatever you make as a result from the tute.

I also gain so much inspiration from looking at the colours that other lampies use together!  Some people just have the most amazing sense of colour.  So is it “copying” when you see an amazing colour combo together and you do it too? No, I reckon nobody’s got dibs on colour combos – good luck to whoever gets it right!

So – it’s not ok to copy another’s work and sell it unless you have permission either from the tutorial you purchased or because you have personally asked the artist.  It’s preferable not to copy exactly, even if you have purchased a tute.  It also really ticks artists off when they see their lovely original designs showing up in mass produced inferior beads from nations that do that sort of thing (none of which have permission by the way!).   By all means, take inspiration by how someone else uses colour to create magic, how beads are grouped together, the placement of dots and stripes, the use of charms, mixed media, different types of clasps etc.  Sometimes we feel we need to copy a little bit to get our own creative juices churning over but dare to be different, create your own style and shine in your own light – whatever you’re creating.

Now, I’ve had quite a few “original” ideas of my own, you know.  Problem is, someone else has had the same “original” idea too.  I’ve been all excited because I’ve come up with this screamer of an idea, wrote it all down in my journal, made a “prototype”, thought I was finally gonna take the world by storm…..then, in amongst my frequent late night internet trawling for various forms of eye candy…..there it is.  Staring down at me from my monitor.  MY IDEA!!!  Except, that it’s now an idea that belongs to someone else.  Fair dinkum pricks your bubble….   So…I’m not gonna look at the internet any more.  Nope.  Gonna go and make some beads….hopefully some “original” ones!!  (Right after I finish looking at  Manuela Wutschke’s awesome beads….on the internet….he he…)

Have a great day!!  Chat again soon….

PS:  Even the subject of this blog is not new or original!  Someone, many in fact, somewhere has covered this topic before – most probably in greater depth and much better than I could ever address it. Now I have added my 1.5 cents to it…for what it’s worth…

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Last month I signed up to participate in an “Organic Exchange” with the Australian Glass Beadmakers Guild (see the AGBG link on “My Fave Websites”).  Just the thing I needed to kickstart myself into making beads!  The idea is that you send in a certain number of beads to the organiser whether it be 1 bead or 8 beads- as does everybody else – and then the organiser sends you back the same number of beads you sent in but from different artists.  Well I made 8 beads and I gotta tell you that I am sooooo excited about getting my beadies back!!  I will have them in a few weeks and will post pics when I can.  In the meantime – here are my offerings, as well as a pile that came along for the ride!!

Have a good one!!



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Has a lot to answer for.

Yep, it sure does.

It’s the “buzz” word in our house.  Puts all these “foody” and “I can do that” thoughts into one’s head.  Or should I say, into one’s husband’s head!!  “Cor, that looks awright!!  Yeah darl, cook me that” – is the anthem emanating from “one’s husband’s” comfy leather recliner.  “Yeah, Mum – you can do it!” is the faint echo from the other comfy leather recliner belonging to “one’s son”.  (Actually it’s not really an echo – nor is it faint!).

So, Masterchef, you are responsible for loading our fridge up with 6 types of tomatoes, 4 types of potatoes, 3 types of  mushrooms including shittake, portabello & swiss brown (actually it’s 4 different types of mushies but I can’t remember the name of the other one!!), 3 types of cucumbers, 48 different vegetables, creams, yoghurts, a vast array of fresh herbs, choritzo sausage, chilli  sausage + goodness knows how many other “sausage” types, 64 different types of cheeses (ok, ok – a very slight exaggeration….but only slight!),  proscuitto, pancetta, meats of all races, sauces, salts, peppers, condiments, blah, blah, blah – and the list gets longer…..

Mind you, it’s been very interesting finding out how to cook all these exotic (and not so exotic..lol) dishes. We’ve had some wonderful winners along with a few monumental failures!!  (I’m pretty sure my pudding should have risen more  than 1 inch – I blame the oven…).   And my fire alarm has had a fairly decent workout the last few months……  I really like Masterchef though – some of those cooks put some amazing stuff together!  I’ve learnt a lot, taken a few risks, eaten a bucket load of new foods, and – lo and behold!!! – hubby now eats mushrooms!!  NEVER thought I’d see that day…..(mind you, they have to be covered in chilli, garlic, pepper and red wine sauce to hide the taste).

Anyway, it’s over now – until next time.  Maybe when it comes on again I’ll be reminded to clean my fridge out, ready to fill it up again with new and exotic goodies…he he

Catch you next time……be good…!!

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Hey everyone!  Just a quickie to let you know that I’ve been featured in a collection!!  YAY!!!  There are some awesome artists on here – doing all sorts of different handmade stuff including tote bags, jewellery, knitted items, ceramic plates and ornaments, photographs, steampunk and of course – my beads!!!


Have a great day!!!  Even though it’s Monday……..lol

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Last week I had a bit of a humbug ramble on about my lampworking abilities……or lack of them……on a certain day, but in true Aussie style, I got back on the horse after it bucked me off!  In other words, the next day I lit my torch and was determined to make some decent beads.  Well, I had a much better day, thank you!!   I had a lovely play and have come to show you some pics.  Some did not turn out the way I envisaged but I did a lot of experimenting with “stuff”.

I have entered an Organic Bead Exchange on one of our local Aussie lampworking forums  –   http://www.aussiebeadmakers.com/   –  that means you make a certain amount of beads (say… 5 beads)  in the appropriate genre, send them in by a certain date to the exchange co-ordinator  who then picks 5 random beads from the pile that have been sent in by other participants.  Cool hey??  Anyway, with “organic”, anything much goes – it’s sort of like, abstract art but…..beads!  I am sooo excited and looking forward to getting my beadies back  ‘cos there are some absolutely fabulous Australian lampworkers participating in this exchange but first I have to send mine in.  Here are pics of some, (sorry they’re not even cleaned yet)  not sure which are going to the exchange…..have to hop on my torch early next week to roll out some more beadie  ideas.  Hope you enjoy the eye candy….. The ones on the left are the “Bah! Humbug Beads” that gave me a headache!  A much better looking crew on the right…

Unhappy Crappy BeadsMuch Better 2nd Time around

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Yep – shoulda stayed in bed!  Shoulda, coulda, woulda – DIDN’T!!!  And it was all downhill from there……..  Slept in, did my best fish-wife impersonation and screeched at the kid  to get out of bed, bolted around – trying to wake up somewhere in amongst it all – screeched at child again, slapped lunch together for said child who was way-too-slowly dragging his sorry butt out of bed, screeched yet again – child screeches back and….. then I forgot to drink my tea and it went cold!  (I know that’s the sole reason microwaves were invented – to heat up cold tea – but I really detest having to re-heat my very first cuppa of the day in a microwave!  Just one of my many idiosyncrasies…..).  Now that’s when I should have given up in disgust and dived under the covers to keep the world out!    But…..I didn’t….. after a few more reciprocal screeches we finally made the school bus by 7.35 seconds.

So….returning home….without skittling the cat in the driveway…(you know, you’d think he would have learned after 9 years of living with me, that there is no way EVER that he is gonna beat my car down the driveway and into the garage! But still he tries…)  I sat down at my torch – to finally melt glass – after weeks of it sitting there begging me to turn it on.  Do you think I could figure out what to make???  NUH!!  You’d think I would be just oozing with ideas of awesome beads to make – but – I didn’t have one original creative thought in my head!  Sad….. 😦

So, I looked at my ever growing glass stash for inspiration…..still nothing.  So I got out my sketch pad and started to draw beads and different colour combinations and shapes etc.  Well, I finally hopped on the torch after much procrastination (and after shooing the surprise visitors out the door) and a couple of hours later all I had to show for my trouble was 4000 stringers (ok a little exaggeration!), 3 motley beads and a headache!  I’ve gotta tell you it was the  biggest waste of my time whilst in front of the torch that I’ve had in a verrry long time.   I don’t know why I even bothered to turn the kiln on.  Never mind – there’s always tomorrow…..if I get out of bed!

Have a good one!! (Or at least have a better one than I did – lol)

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I did it!!!!!!!!!  No – correction – WE DID IT!!!!!  Finally my darling mum and I finished sorting out all these beads!  And doesn’t my work room look AWESOME!!  My friends will not recognise the place (goodness, I don’t even recognise the place!).  Man, I can’t even imagine the debt I owe my mum for all her help – THANK YOU MUM!!!  I reckons she’s just as relieved as me that it’s now all over and I can start listing the auctions.  I have one up RIGHT Now.

Here’s the link to Ebay….sorry, you have to copy and paste it into your browser……


Now, starting price  is well below cost and there is just over 3.5 kilos of stuff.  But I won’t bore you with the details here – click on the link and have a goosey gander.  Here are some pics if you’re interested…

Ebay Auction - Bulk Mix of Beads & Findings

Ebay Auction - Glass Beads Mix

Ebay Auction - Metal Beads Mix

Ebay Auction - Wire & Findings

Ebay Auction - Acrylic Beads

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