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Stop it, slow it down, whatever – I need time out!!!It’s getting wayyy too busy for my liking!  Too many things to fit into one 24 hour day – I mean, who’s got time for sleep??  How come life got so hectic?  It didn’t used to be like this…not that I remember anyway. Is it just that I’m getting older and things are taking longer to do?  Surely not!!  I should be so well practiced by now that things should take HALF the time they used to!  Well that’s my theory anyway…he he.

For instance….I’m sitting torching and at the end of the session (which admittedly was only a couple of hours), I’ve only got 11 smallish beads in the kiln as a reward for my efforts.  I bought a bigger, better, faster, you beaut torch so I could make bigger, better, faster, you beaut beads BUT – well actually that IS what I’m now producing, but I digress – I just don’t seem to be making them as fast as I think I should be.  Maybe I just need to re-assess my expectations which obviously my abilities can’t keep pace with.

Hubby has kindly suggested that my attendance at one of these “Time Management” courses might help with my “can’t seem to get stuff done” dilemma – I’m thinking that he’s probably almost right….. But can’t  I do this at home, has anyone got any good tips for this?  If so, I’d love to hear from all you busy, busy mums (and dads) who juggle  children, school stuff, work, house chores (all and sundry),  shopping etc and still have time left over at the end of the day.

Anyway – I better go – I’m running out of time!!!! LOL

Cheers – have a good one!


NB:-  Footnote added on 15th September…….  I know how to solve my time management issues!  Turn off the computer and don’t go near it until 4 o’clock in the afternoon!  Spend 1 hour on it, then go play with the kid and the dogs!!  That’s where my time goes……updating sites, tweaking things, editing photos, checking out stuff on forums and other lampworkers sites, trolling the “net” (I call it “research”……he he), etc etc.

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