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Yep – finally did it! Photographed some new beads I’ve been working on. Here’s a little taste…the rest you can find by clicking on the links to My Website, Etsy or Artfire!

Blushing Crystals

Inky Crystals

Thai Surprise


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Food for thought…..

I found this little gem on a blog when I was having a bit of a browse on the net (should have been hanging out the washing…but you get that!).  The lady was in the process of trying to sell her unwanted /outgrown baby items.  The comment below prompted me to ponder on the odd and conflicting decisions that are constantly made by humans (in this case the politicians in USA)…….
…….”I was planning on selling our crib.  It is still in really good condition even after 3 babies.  But our efficient federal government recently recalled basically every crib ever manufactured in the last 10 years because of drop down sides.  Never mind that ours looks nothing like the cribs that were malfunctioning.  It is now illegal for us to ever sell it.  I appreciate that our government cares about the safety of children.  I really do.  But I wonder if they have ever thought of recalling abortion.  Last time I checked that kills every baby that ever had the misfortune of experiencing it.“……..


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Have  I mentioned that my boys – aka Love Of My Life (LOML) and Scrawny, Pimply way-full-of Attitude Teenager  (SPAT) – decided to fully explore their interest in archery.  You know, bows and arrows,  Robin Hood – stuff like that?  Well they got all kitted out with their flash new compound bows, complete with all the “necessary” gear – LOML had to wait longer for his to arrive from the USA because he has such a long reach  (apparently due to the fact that his arms resemble those of a gorilla)  and they didn’t have any bows long enough in Australia.  Whatever happened to whittling a stick to a point and tying a piece of string to a curvy branch, I say??

Anyway….. they’ve been doing a bit of practicing and last weekend they embarked upon a road trip to Bundaberg in Central Queensland to participate in their very first archery competition.  YAY, I thought, rubbing my hands together!!  A whole weekend of peace!!!  So I dutifully cooked all the meals, packed the  tins of spaghetti, pkts of chips, chocolate and peanuts, (everyone knows that “emergency rations” translates to junk food) along with bananas and yoghurt (and we ALL know what came home un-eaten, don’t we?????),  packed lots of water, warm clothes, extra sunscreen, asthma puffers, bandaids, blah, blah, blah.  Jeff and Bryce – good friends, fellow archers and travelling companions – arrived at about midday, so I waved them good-bye, all set to “do mah own thang!!”   After all the prep and stress of getting them ready I was so tired, I went to bed!  Yep, that’s me – good-time party girl!

I digress – as per what usually happens when I tell a story!  After a couple of hours sleep, I was raring to go – the boys called to say camp was set up and it was starting to rain.  Me and the girls (my beautiful Staffy dogs)  had tea and then I sat down at my torch about 8.30pm.  So excited!!! This was my FIRST EVER night-time torching session!!!  WOOHOO!  It’s been usually too noisy to torch when people want to go to bed – my studio is at the end of the house but still attached to it and my house is not that big so everyone can still hear me…….so I respect the fact that “normal” people like to actually sleep between the hours of 10pm and 6am and that I’m the “not-normal” person who prefers to be awake at this time (or at least until 2am anyway).  Back to torching…..I had a great time!  Torched until 3am – kept the girls awake – then went to bed!

Same story for the rest of the weekend, torching, sleeping, torching, sleeping – felt the need for some human company so I caught up with Trish (Jeff’s missus that he left home too…) on Sunday afternoon.

Now the best bit of the story is this….the boys shot really well, especially for rank beginners and our son was awarded an Encouragement  medal for doing so well (which I must add has become permanently stuck to his neck because he hasn’t taken it off yet!)!  I was so proud my heart nearly burst!  Our son has Tourettes Syndrome and because he has so many involuntary tics and shakes etc, this makes it extremely difficult for him to hold his bow steady and shoot straight.  This award was specially organised for our son by one of the shooters  in his group that was aware of  his condition and wanted to reward him for the massive effort he put in over the weekend.  Awesome!!

Worst bit of the story is…..they didn’t take the camera!!  Nooooo!!!!  So I’ve got no pics of the comp for you.  I will, however, take some pics of the boys and their toys (and the medal, of course!) and post them shortly.

Have a great weekend, all!  Chat again, soon…


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This is my first “Sharing the Love” post where I post a link to another artist in order to promote their shop.  I love this gal’s shop on Artfire!  If you want “Bling” for pressies or for yourself – check out PassionForBeads run by Sally.  Lots of swarovski crystal and sparkly things to find here……

Artfire – http://passionforbeads.artfire.com/
Madeitmyself – http://madeitmyself.com/user/passionforbeads.aspx
Blog – http://passionforbeads.blogspot.com/


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Well I reckon it is anyway!  It is also extremely very huge and just happens to be the single biggest waster of time in my house.  Not just for me but for every member of my family (excluding the girl dogs and the dopey furball of a cat, of course…lol.  Now before all you cat lovers take me to task about calling my puss-puss all sorts of names – please rest assured that I DO love him and all name-calling is in jest!).

Now, where were we…..Ah, the interweb-net-thingy…..Well, I was doing my usual “surfing” exercises for the day – I wonder how any calories you burn by typing (Come on, now – I can type pretty quick! There must be some calories burnt!)….when I ended up miles away from where I began.    Universes away actually.  You know, it’s no wonder I end up miles away – just look at the different directions I head off to when I’m writing this blog!  🙂  But it’s soooo easy to do.    ANYWAY…… I ended up finding this little gem.  You can check it out if you want to – maybe you have no interest in making paper flowers but I thought it had some very interesting recycling applications for using up bits of scrap paper for the upcoming card season and also for all you scrapbookers out there.  You can make them smaller etc.  Just copy and paste this address into your browser and it will take you straight there.


Now, wouldn’t it be way awesome if I could find a job that would actually pay me for the amount of hours spent “surfing the net”??   I could shrug off the t-shirt that reads “starving lampwork artist”…he he.

Have a great weekend! Catch you all on the flipside!

Cheers – Sandy

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I’ve managed to drag myself away from the Commonwealth Games for a short while and list some more new earrings.  These earrings are even more gorgeous in real life – they are soooo blingy and sparkly – I just luv them!  Hope you like them too – they will make awesome hand made pressies!  They are now available on my website, just click the link on the left…… Remember, you only pay 1 postage amount no matter how many items you buy!!

Metallic Blue Crystal Pagoda Earrings

Topaz & Amber Pagoda Crystal Earrings

Multi Coloured Crystal Earrings

Red, Silver & Olive Green Crystal Pagoda Earrings

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At long last…..a break in the drought!  Here are a couple of new earrings that are up on the website right now…  These are sooooo sparkly and for anyone who likes a bit of bling – they are just to die for!!  Gorgeous crystals, miyuki cubes and seed beads stitched together to form little “pagodas”.  One lot is on copper ear wires and the other one has my very own hand crafted hammered sterling silver ear wires.  Enjoy!


Amethyst AB crystal Pagoda earrings



Red & Copper Crystal Pagoda earrings


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