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Well – I surely must! Obviously I have had a previous blunt trauma injury to the skull or I would not be heating the kiln and lighting my torch in preparation for a session of melting glass blobs into beady things.

What on earth is she going on about….you ask??

While our American friends have probably had another 24 ft of snow fall overnight (ok, slight exaggeration..) and are freezing their little butt-butts off, I am so hot that I am melting into a pathetic little puddle. In my studio room it is almost 32 deg C and 80% humidity! At 10.30 in the morning!!  Oh what I would give for some snow!!!!!!!!!

Not so bad really, you might say, it’s been hotter.

Yep. Agreed. It has. But with my kiln and torch blasting away, my little room gets to about 45 deg C. That’s 113 deg F. Don’t tell me that’s not stinkin’ hot! Now add 80% humidity on top.

My torch is still on. So is my kiln. The glass is beckoning. Beads, here I come….

Now tell me I DON’T need my head read!!

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