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Just a couple more listings to end the day.  There’s still lots more to come and I’ll be continuing to take photos over the coming days, weeks etc with the help of my good old Mum – Go Mums!!  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a little bit of eye candy…. As usual, if you find that you can’t live without them – you can find them on my Website, Etsy or Artfire (click on the links on the right).

"River of Blue"



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I know – it’s been a while……sorry about that!  Had lots of stuff to sort out over the last few months.  Anyway…..here’s a few new goodies for you to feast your eyes on.  You can find them on my website or Etsy….Enjoy!


"Pretty Baby"


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Can’t be!  Not March already!!  What is happening to the year?  Going too fast, I say.  I see more grey hairs every day – lucky I’m blonde and no-one else can see them hey!

My Nana used to say that when you’re young you can’t wait to be older, then when you’re older, you wish you were young again.  No truer words were spoken.  My son – who for the record – now towers over me by a good 6 inches (14 yrs old, size 11 shoe, 12 kilos wringing wet – well maybe slightly heavier than 12 kilos he he) – keeps saying “I can’t wait for…..(blah, blah, such & such)” and I tell him not to keep wishing his life away!  Now, how’s that for my Mum talking!  I can clearly remember her saying that to us kids and now here I am saying it to mine!  Seems like the same old stuff just keeps on getting said to each generation.

Anyway not too much to bliggity-blog about – except it’s MARCH! Already!  And that I’m going to ANASTASIA’S class in Brisbane in May!!  YAY!!!  Check out some of her stuff here:   http://www.anastasiabeads.com/beads.htm  Just cut and paste into your browser).  This is what I will be learning – well not all of it….  It will be totally awesome!  And I get to “play” with fab glass artists too.  The best bit is that you can talk about glass and beads and lampworking until you’re all blue in the face and about to explode and nobody gets tired of it!  Unlike certain people around here that get that faraway “I’m-not-really-listening-anymore-‘cos-it’s-not-my-pet-thing-and-you’ve-been-talking-non-stop-for-like-hours-and-can-we-please-talk-about-something-else-now-and-Beige……I-think-I’ll-paint-the-ceiling-beige” look in their eyes (but you know they still love you anyway!).  Anyway….that’s a couple of months away yet – although, the way the year is flashing by, before I know it –  I will be telling you guys all about how amazing it was!

More news – I have taken most of my stuff off  Etsy and Artfire for the moment.  I am in the process of taking photos of new beads and marking down the older ones ready for a fresh new start. Also – NEWSFLASH!! – I am reducing shipping costs so that it will be cheaper for anyone wanting to purchase beads. So keep checking back as there will be new stuff often!

On a sadder and more sombre note:-  my prayers and sincere condolences go out to all those affected by the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.  It has been heartbreaking to watch the suffering, devastating and loss of life on the telly – I can only imagine the terror you all felt when the quake hit.  It has also been heartwarming to see you all pull together as a community – rescuer’s putting other people’s welfare ahead of their own safety, people helping complete strangers in their hour of need.  Now the re-building of lives, buildings, businesses, livelihoods etc begins…..

That’s it from me – best I be going to edit all these pics and get busy listing!  Have a good one!





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