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I got nothin’!  My creative muse……gone.  Fled.  Waiting for its horrible alter-ego (the book keeping monster) to vacate the premises so it can once again reign supreme as queen. Only left brain functional at this stage…….  Best I take advantage of it and finish my tax then…..*sigh*

Oh boy!  I’ve just realised how long it has been since I have popped on here to pen my thoughts!  Wayyyy too long.  And I’ve got a whole pile of news to tell too!  Been to the Simpson Desert and the middle of Australia and back – and got the photographic evidence to prove it!

Alas…..the tale of my adventures will just have to wait to be told, I’m afraid.  Got stuff to do…things that just won’t wait. In the meantime……..me and left-brain got work to do!


Hope to be back soon…….real soon….

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