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Oh I sooooo need me one of those!  A shed!

A great big, awesome GIRL’S  SHED!

Yeah!  Somewhere I can put all my precious lovelies and not trip over them on the floor.  I would have loads of cupboards.  Floor to ceiling.  A great big workbench for my torch.  And my workbench would be high enough for my oxycon to fit underneath.  Along with my gas bottle and my stash of recycled bottles that I’m gonna smash up…..one day (probably around 2043, at the rate I’m going with my “gonna do that one day” projects…lol) and the big box of my paper, plastic, organza and all sorts of other bags, jewellery stands,  photo props, boxes of spare business cards (that I splurge on whenever Vistaprint has a “freebie” sale), cardboard, tags etc etc.  And that’s just the stuff UNDER the table!

I would need a whole cupboard just for my sterling and gold filled stuff.  Three cupboards for the recycled bubble wrap – no make that 4 cupboards, ‘cos that stuff breeds baby bubbles when you leave it alone!  (I always have more of it than I remember last time I looked….lol).  Six cupboards for my jewellery and metal smithing tools.  Nine cupboards for my own lampwork beads that need photographing and uploading.  Sixteen cupboards for other  beads and findings.  And twenty-two cupboards for my glass rods and lampworking stuff.  Whew!  That’s gonna be SOME shed!  Probably bigger than my house….


Guess I will just dream on then, shall I??

Hubby tells me I just need less stuff…..

Yeah RIGHT!!!  I don’t think so!!

Must put pen to paper and fill you all in on our Epic Outback Adventure aka Simpson Desert Trip.  Sorry to be so slack….. have had a whole lot going on here!  Hope you are having a good one, whatever you’re up to!







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