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Well here we are fellow bloggers.

It’s almost the end of 2011.

I’m sure I won’t be alone in wondering where on earth the last 12 months went…hmmm?  Under the bed?  Swept away with the spiders?  In the broom cupboard?  It’s all just a blur really and what did I achieve this year, I ask myself?

Big Fat Diddly Squat!  That’s what!  In Aussie language (in case you’re not familiar with our sometimes strange way of expressing ourselves here in the land downunder) that means very little, almost nothing – at least nothing worth putting up in neon lights proclaiming to the world how jolly good you are.

And it’s been almost a whole year since I wrote this post   What’s In A Resolution??  – which you can read here – if you’re the slightest bit interested of course…lol.  So I thought I would re-visit the “non-resolutions” list I “didn’t” make just for fun to see how many things I managed to “not” do during the year – ha ha!   Here they are:-

1. Lose 15 kilos (ok, I weighed myself again and discovered 10 kilos was a little on the low side…lol) – preferably before I am 60 and my cholesterol reaches 9.3.  Start Date – NOT the 1st January, 2011!!

Oh dear…..this can only be described as a MEGA FAIL!!!!!!  Not only did I NOT lose 15 kilos…..I think I managed to add a few to the total excess pounds of flesh that I actually need to lose.  I take small comfort in knowing that I am not alone in my quest.  (Somehow…that does not make me feel a whole lot better).  Although on a positive note:-  I DID manage to reduce my cholesterol by a full 10%!!

2. Plan more enticing and exciting ways to serve salad. Note to self: canned vegetables are not considered useful in aiding weight loss due to their high levels of sugar…even though they taste nice!  I intend to be able to do 12 different things with lettuce by 28th March, 2011.

Ok – this wasn’t a total failure.  I managed to do salads a couple of different ways  AND without canned vegetables all the time.  And let’s face it – who on this earth can do 12 different things with lettuce anyway??? HUH??

3. Attempt to eat lettuce.  Without vomiting.  By the 28th March, 2011.  (Not sure how I’ll go with this one peeps!!  I absolutely loathe and detest lettuce!!!!!  Sorry to all the Lactuca sativa lovers out there!).

Woohoo!! MEGA SUCCESS!!!  I now eat lettuce!!!  Wasn’t quite by the 28th March though – more like 12th July when I was flying home from Alice Springs on Qantas and they served this totally yummy chicken & pesto sandwich for lunch that had all this lettuce chopped through it.  Well I couldn’t take the green leafy stuff  out without destroying the sanga (sandwich) and I was starving so I had to eat it.  Surprisingly….I didn’t drop dead and I now eat small portions of lettuce on my sandwiches and even sometimes in a salad (only very small portions though lol)

4. Get a new hairstyle.  Oh no – wait!!  I did that last year!  Cross that one off…..he he.

Meh.  Been there done that.  Do slight variations on usual hairstyle count?  Oh no – wait!  I did change it a bit – I used to only curl one side under like a bob but now I curl both sides….when I can be bothered to curl at all, that is.

5. Sell more beads.  Well I can’t buy my own, now can I????  So that resolution will be up to you guys!  Now don’t make me beg!  Start date: Tomorrow!!

Oh No!  Another Mega Fail!!  My fault – I  was really slack at updating my website and stores…..I’m such a norty girl and I’m gonna make sure I stick with this “non-resolution” this year.  I will!  I promise!  Otherwise I will have to put “non-resolution” number 6 into practice……

6. If I can’t sell more beads – get a real job!  By 20th December 2015…..Yes – I AM being realistic here!

I don’t have to answer this one ‘cos it isn’t 20th December 2015…so there!

7. No more white Tim Tams!  I promise by 31st October, 2011 – no more!  Of course, in the meantime, I may eat as many as can be stuffed  in my mouth in the one sitting…… (NOT THAT I WOULD – OK!!!!!)

MEGA SUCCESS!!!  I have now beaten my addiction to white Tim Tams!  Unfortunately I have replaced it with an addiction to Pineapple Lumps.  (Ok…so I’m not perfect and I don’t drink, smoke or gamble – so there…again!)

8. Ok, Ok – I will start exercising!  In June, 2011.  It’s nice and cool then.  And I will exercise in July and August as well – because it’s cool then too.  Then I will stop my exercise routine in preparation for the hot weather which will last from September right through until May the following year.  See – I have a plan and I am organised!!

Nuh!  Awesome MEGA FAIL!!!  Didn’t even exercise in June.  Well, this one was always gonna be touch and go – I don’t even need an excuse not to exercise…. Although  I did walk part of the way around Ayers Rock (Uluru) and did the short walk through The Olgas – so I did actually exercise (a bit) in July.  I thought about exercising….does that count???

9. I don’t like crossword puzzles – can I do Sudoku instead??  I will do at least one per day.  Start date:  That’ll be now  ‘cos I already do that!  he he

MEGA SUCCESS!!  Not only do I do one Sudoku – I do several!!!!  I love Sudoku!

10. I will learn to meditate.  Starting from next week.

Ummm -sorry.  I completely forgot about this one, so I guess that’s a FAIL.

11. I will “encourage” my son to wash up every second night (at least!).  This will leave me more time to meditate in the lounge chair in front of the telly.  Starting from next week too.

Well….man-child does wash up.  Not every second night, but a couple of times a week –  a huge improvement on his previous washing up endeavours which he used to do – oh I don’t know, like – NEVER!  That leaves me with ” Meditating in front of the telly” – FAIL!  Reason – read the answer to “Non-resolution” number 10……lol.   So this one was a Part Fail although I prefer to be positive and think of it as Part Success!!  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

12. I will try a different brand of tea other than Bushells. Nothing fancy though.  And definitely not one of those chamomile and pansy petal blendy things that smells like crushed dandelions and parrot droppings!  (Please don’t take offense if you happen to like this sort of fancy tea!).  Start date –  April 1st, 2011.

MEGA FAIL!!  Let’s face it – when you have the best why bother trying anything else.  And I was fooling anyway (look at the date….lol).

13. De-clutter.  Or finish de-cluttering, should I say.  Start date:  Ummmm – I’ll have to get back to you on that!

MEGA – sort of – Success!!!  Well, I did de-clutter.  To an extent.  Well, I didn’t NOT do it.  I did throw out a pile of stuff in my shed, to make room for more stuff from the house.  Then hubby went and filled MY shed up with stuff from HIS shed (and yes we do have his and hers matching sheds….sort of).  Funny thing about cleaning up – somehow it all manages to become messed up all over again.  Anyway – I have determined that the only way to successfully de-clutter is to NOT buy anything else to put in the spot vacated by the original clutter. A feat I have not yet mastered……

Sooooo – how did I do?  5 x Fails. 3 x Successes.   4 x could go either way  and  1 x I didn’t have to answer yet ‘cos it’s not 2015.  All up not too bad, I thought – could have been worse.  Anyway, I don’t have to do another list ‘cos I’ve obviously got work to do on the last one! LOL

How did you score on your resolutions this last year?

Gotta go help the boys unpack from their camping trip.  Have fun for the last couple of days left in 2011.  See you in 2012!

Cheers for now…..


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Well – the teenage man/child has been put on a plane and is winging his way to far-away places – Japan, that is.  Sure is quiet here – I can actually hear myself think.  Wow!  When was the last time THAT happened!  My girl dogs are not really sure what’s going on with number one son not here to harass them…..and I don’t think they like it!  LOL  We rang him on Sunday night and he was feeling homesick (Already! It had only been 3 days since he left!!!) .  Plus he had an upset tummy – so the rose coloured glasses that he normally uses to see the world through were slightly fogged up.

Poor baby.

He’ll get over it.  (Not sure his mother will…he he).  His host Mum sounds wonderful and will take really good care of him. And he will be kept soooo busy that I will be surprised if he has any energy left to feel anything but exhausted at the end of each day!  Anyway, will keep you posted on news from Japan.  I think his school group was going to the Big Buddha today……among other things.

Other news is the Annual Jewellery Party that was held just over a week ago.  Thought I would let you know that it went really well!  Thanks to everyone that came and made it so memorable – I hope you all enjoyed yourselves.  I shifted most of the furniture out of my open plan lounge/dining area and my little house was transformed into a makeshift “gallery” of sorts.  Mum & I worked hard to put all of our boards up on various walls and windows and arrange gazillions of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bookmarks, keyrings, blah, blah, etc, etc and I think it all looked pretty good.  I should have taken pics but in the rush/hurry to try and get everything done before the “Grand Opening”  I completely forgot to check that my camera batteries had charge – consequently a big fat red flashy thingy showed up on my camera screen mocking me with words to this effect…..”IDIOT – YOUR BATTERIES ARE FLAT”.  Never mind – next time…..you’ll just have to take my word for it that it looked pretty good.

Well we sold a fair bit – had heaps of bargains.  But having said that we had an awful lot of stock (and we were worried that we might not have enough stuff!!  HAH!) and still had lots left over…….so now it has to be photographed and put on the Website, Etsy & Artfire.  I will let you know when the listings start……just in case you want to have a little lookie.

Time to push off.  Hope you all are having an awesome day wherever you may be!

Cheers ’til next time…..

Sandy 🙂



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