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Ok – Roll up, roll up – come one and all!!

Here are the first beads available from my Mega Beady De-Stash Pile.  I’ve made smaller piles of beads to keep the price down and make them more affordable for everyone.

Prices as follows:

  • Bead De-Stash #1 = $25 + postage to your area
  • Bead De-Stash #2 = $27 + postage to your area

If your purchases total $120 or more in the one sale – postage to ANYWHERE in the world is FREE!!

(I will refund your postage costs back to your Paypal Account)

And you can find these here on my website…..   My Website

De-Stash Beads #1

Bead De-Stash #2

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I’m a Mum.  I “own” an almost 16 year old man-child.  He has ASD – (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) Asperger’s Syndrome – and Tourettes Syndrome.  Life has certainly provided us with its fair share of challenges.   We’ve cried,  screamed and pulled our hair out.  We’ve laughed like maniacs whilst running around crowded shopping centres, blundered blindly into roaring traffic and banged our head in frustration on walls, floors and furniture.  And that’s just the kid!!  lol.

Some days were really bad and we wondered what on earth we had done “wrong” as parents, how did we create this volatile little monster and how did we “fix” him.  Anxiety, frustration and anger was ruler in our house, it seemed.  Such turbulent times, those early years.

That was then.  One day, I will fill you in on the details between then and now……but today I wanted to share with you what happened this morning to bring a tear to my eye and make me wander (briefly) along the path of years gone by.

Every school morning is pretty much the same:  Alarm goes off, Mum gets out of bed, wakes Man-Child for the first time, Mum gets dressed, wakes Man-Child for the second time, Mum says good morning to doggy children, wakes Man-Child for the third time, Mum starts making Man-Child’s lunch, Man-Child staggers out from bedroom and lurches toward the breakfast cereal, big hug time, Man-Child eats breakfast and reads book at table – finishes, has shower, gets dressed, cleans teeth – blah, blah, blah,  Mum finishes packing Man-Child’s cordon-bleu lunch into little containers (‘cos that’s how he like it)……etc etc.  We have this routine down pat – to the last second, just about.  Lol.

Anyway…………….this is the conversation that brought a little tear to my eye…..and keeping in mind that my son has NEVER had tuckshop even once in his almost eleven years at school…..

Mum – “Someone must think you’re really special to go to this much trouble with your lunch every day”  (said with tongue in cheek and fishing for compliments….lol)

Man-Child – “I know that I’m really special” (giving me big hug)

Mum – “Yeah, but do you really know how loved you are?”

Man-Child – “Yes I do!  And you know, I wish every child was as loved as me.”  (more big hugs….*sigh*)

Such a simple conversation but what a great start to the day!   It’s wonderful to have confirmation that your kids know they are loved and are secure in that knowledge.  Makes you feel that you’ve actually done something right……

Hope your day is great too.

Cheers – Sandy 🙂

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I don’t know why I have such an addictive nature.  I’m forever grateful that I don’t gamble.  I’d be living on the riverbank under the bridge by now.  But I just can’t help myself!!  I’m an addict……and all you bead and glass junkies out there know EXACTLY what I’m talkin’ about…..

THE NEED FOR GLASS and BEADS and MORE GLASS!!  I’m insatiable!  I have about 900 kilos of the stuff and I just ordered more!!  Should be here tomorrow.  Just in time for a torching session on Friday – woohoo!!  I figure at the rate I buy glass, I’m gonna need 4 more lifetimes to use it all up.  I told myself last time I ordered glass (about a month ago), that this would be IT for a very long time.  That was before I realised I had the attention span of a goldfish – about 3 seconds – and that one month in a goldfish’s world was indeed a very long time!!   Anyway…..how can I help it when the glass companies keep bringing out all these “to die for” colours!     Must…..have……more…..colours……

Anyway,  because I’ve got such a massive stash of beads – both my own lampwork goodies and store bought treasures – I have decided to have a massive de-stash of lots of stuff.  Mainly because I’ve got no room left to put anything – my little studio is busting at the seams and spilling over into the rest of the house (which as you can imagine, impresses my DH no end!!  NOT!!!  lol).  I can’t find anything and my head is all cluttered up too…….so time for action!  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks sifting through my bead pile and stringing some bits together – it’s dawning on me what an ENORMOUS job this de-stash is going to be!  But has to be done.

So no pics just yet……but watch this space – there’ll be some bargains to be had!

Hope you’re all having a great week…..if not – get busy being happy!

Cheers – Sandy 🙂

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Just a couple of piccies for you – some earrings that I’ve made.  As usual, you can find them here:  My Website

Hope you like them!


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