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I guess that I never realised how “odd” our language here in Australia must seem to be to those visitors to our fair shores.  I recently attended a workshop with renowned American lampwork artist – Leah Fairbanks – and it was during dinner on the last night of Leah’s time in Brisbane, when we were engaging in fine food, drink and conversation, that it struck me how different our Aussie language is compared to other English speaking countries.  We were having a discussion about a person who had been dealt with in a “not-so-nice” way and I happened to say that the experience had “ripped the fork out of his nightie” – when our overseas guests erupted in laughter…..much to my surprise!  I’m a bit of a “bushie”  and this is everyday “speak” for me so I was a tiny bit bemused by all the mirth.  It did inspire me to think about some of the strange things we Aussies say – particularly those of us “bushies” who don’t live in the big cities – and if I hadn’t grown up with most of these sayings, I wouldn’t have a clue what I was talking about either!!

Here’s just a few of my fave’s….some were a little bit TOO rude to post though:-

Rip the fork outta ya nightie  – Give someone bad or devastating news/treat someone badly….

Havin’ a dingo’s breakfast – Have a pee and a good look around….

Within cooee of here – Close or nearby….

Give a cooee when ya ready – Usually refers to let someone know when you’re ready to leave….

Been hit with the fugly stick – Not very attractive….

Bumpin’ ya gums – Talking, chatting….

Fits like a finger in a bum – A tight fit for something….

Do ya lolly – Get angry, chuck/throw a tantrum….

Rough as guts – Crude/rough……

See ya ’round like a rissole – See you later……

About as useful as a back pocket in a T-shirt – Not very useful/useless…..

Few snags short of a barbie – Not very intelligent…..

Busy as a blowfly at a barbie – Very busy….

In two shakes of a lamb’s tail – Very soon…..

Happy as Larry – Very happy…..

Sillier than a two bob watch – Pretty stupid…..

Was ya father a glassmaker? – MOVE!!  I can’t see through you!

Tough as a Mallee bull – Well built/fit, damn near invincible…..

He’s as game as Ned Kelly – He’ll have a go…..

Sink the slipper – Kick literally or bring a person down while they’re vulnerable….

Ran like a hairy goat – Refers to a race horse not racing very well….

You smell like a gorilla’s armpit – You need a shower!

Man’s not a camel – I’m thirsty! Hurry up and get me a beer!

Freeze the balls off a brass monkey – Verrry coooold!!

Bread & Catch – A response to “What’s for dinner”?  Means “catch” your own and make a sandwich or whatever you want to make for yourself to eat….

Couldn’t drive a knife through soft butter! – Very bad driver…..

It’s a wigwam for a goose’s bridal – Means “mind your own business” and is usually in response to a question starting with  “what is……”??

Bum nuts or Cackel Berries for breakky – Eggs for breakfast….

Crooked as a dog’s hind leg – Not a very honest person…..

Trouble and Strife – The wife/missus……

Tin Lids – The kids or children…..

Paddywhack ya drumstick – Smack a naughty child’s bottom….

Harden up – Eat cement! – Learn to be tougher and not be a sook!

Talk under water with a mouth full of concrete – Talks incessantly – won’t shut up……

Don’t get ya knickers in a knot – Don’t get upset or angry…..

Livin’ out in the Digleys or Sticks – Living in the bush or outback Australia….

Time to hit the frog ‘n toad – Time to hit the road/drive away/ leave….

FIGJAM – @#%& I’m Good, Just Ask Me……Sorry, this one’s a bit rude – I’ve left out a word, but I’m sure you get the idea…. right?  🙂

And this, dear fellow blog-landers,  is the reason I tell people I don’t speak English – I speak AUSTRALIAN!!!  LOL

Have a fantastic week/weekend and let me know if you have any more Aussie – or otherwise – Slang Phrases to add to the mix!

Cheers,  Love  &  Peace to you all


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