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It’s been SOOOOO hot here lately in OZ – the whole country is sweltering and records for the hottest days ever recorded are being broken!  YAY!!  (not…..)  Terrible bushfires are happening in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania – many homes and public properties (schools etc) – especially in beautiful Tasmania – have burned to the ground and those people have lost all their possessions.  Such a heartbreaking thing to have happen but they thank God that they (and their loved ones)  escaped with their lives.  Thousands of hectares of prime food producing land destroyed along with goodness-knows how much stock that has been lost…..those poor animals!  Terrible, heartbreaking scenes of devastation have been shown on our TV screens and across the internet.  I sincerely hope and pray that the people involved recover from this and rebuild their lives.

To those stupid, pathetic, idiotic creatures (aka arsonists) who actually deliberately started a number of these catastrophic fires – What on earth possessed you to do that???  Was it a “bit of a lark”?  Well….make sure you tell me when we’re all having fun!!!!   I think the authorities need to “enlist” your help as firefighters for a year, just so you gain an understanding of how massive the consequences of your actions have been.  But I guess that will never happen…….

And there’s no rain in sight. We truly do live in a “sunburnt” country at the moment.  What climate change?…..you may well ask.  Hmm……

I found this little cartoon on FB.  It is meant to be humourous – and that’s how I see it – definitely no offence is intended.

Now – I’m gonna go soak in a bath with ice cubes.

Keep Cool. Keep Calm.  Carry On!!  lol

Cheers – Sandy


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I got nothin’!  My creative muse……gone.  Fled.  Waiting for its horrible alter-ego (the book keeping monster) to vacate the premises so it can once again reign supreme as queen. Only left brain functional at this stage…….  Best I take advantage of it and finish my tax then…..*sigh*

Oh boy!  I’ve just realised how long it has been since I have popped on here to pen my thoughts!  Wayyyy too long.  And I’ve got a whole pile of news to tell too!  Been to the Simpson Desert and the middle of Australia and back – and got the photographic evidence to prove it!

Alas…..the tale of my adventures will just have to wait to be told, I’m afraid.  Got stuff to do…things that just won’t wait. In the meantime……..me and left-brain got work to do!


Hope to be back soon…….real soon….

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