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I’ve just got a couple of new bling, bling pretties – in the form of matching necklace and bracelet -to show you today.  Hope you like them!  As usual, they can be found on My Website …..

Have a terrific weekend!!

Cheers – Sandy


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Just thought I would share with you a bracelet that I made late last year and have now just put it up for sale on my website.  There’s something very satisfying about starting out with some glass rods and sterling silver wire and creating a little piece of art right from scratch.  All of what you see in this bracelet has been created by me from raw materials – with the exception of the two sterling silver beads on either side of the focal and the little star charm on the dangle. I gotta say it’s really nice to see a finished product after having cut, shaped, balled, soldered, hammered and polished wire  into submission – not to mention the melting of glass into pretty beady things….lol.  Hope you like it!  For more info (inc price etc) click on “My Website” in the right hand column….. 🙂   BRACELET IS NOW SOLD!!! Thank you Alex!!

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Hi guys!  Just wanted to share piccies of a bracelet that I made recently.  I’m quite proud of this – it’s almost completely hand fabricated by me, all except for the brass jump rings.  I’ve cut the links out of brass sheeting, then filed, hammered, shaped, drilled waxed and polished it.  I have used 2mm square brass wire and wrestled it into shape for the toggle and  links between the beads.  The lampwork beads have been made by me….of course…lol.  I’ve also attached a little handmade tag with the intials “SP” stamped on it – this stand for “Sandy Pandy” and means the piece of jewellery is truly OOAK (one of a kind).  It’s gorgeous to wear – so comfy!

It’s available on my website, along with all the relevant details – if you’re interested click on My Website on the right hand side……the link will take you straight there!  Hope you like it….

Footnote:-  Bracelet is now SOLD!

Lampwork Bead & Brass Bracelet

Lampwork Bead & Brass Bracelet

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Hey there fellow bloggers and lovers of bright shiny objects!! just thought that I would quickly share with you some bling – aka –

Anne's Bracelet

Anne's Bracelet - Closeuppics of a bracelet that I’ve just finished for one of my customers. It’s solid brass – hand cut, formed, hammered & polished to a beautiful shine. No beadies in this one – just metal. I’m sure my customer will love it – and if by some small chance she does not, then I might just have to wear it myself….lol.


UPDATE TO POST:-  Customer just LOVED her bracelet!!  Yay!  I loved it too – might just have to make one for me…..lol

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