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As I whirled through my housework today during a period of what can only be described as something akin to “cyclonic activity”…… I was distracted from my work by certain minor/intermediate annoyances.  Normally, whilst engaging in tedious work of this nature, I am more than happy to be distracted from the task at hand.  However, it just seemed to me, that the universe was conspiring against me because it really wanted me to go and play with my bits of metal and rivets and inks and glass beads – well, anything shiny and bright really – instead of making sure my family came home to a clean, orderly place of residence.  I’m happy to say that I perservered in my quest to provide floors fit to eat dinner off and a dunny that sparkles…..and I DARE anyone to find a single solitary cell of staphylococcus bacteria on MY phone!!

Anyway……says she who is easily distracted……here is a list of:

“Things That Just DO My Head In.”

  1. Someone gets a new bar of soap to put in the shower…..but still leaves bits of the old soap in the dish.  *Growl* – C’mon guys!!  Everyone knows that the old soap bits NEVER stick to the new soap……just take ’em out, throw ’em away ……. or something…..
  2. Leaving 4 sheets of toilet paper on the roll…..and NO SPARES in the roll holder next to the dunny!!  Very inconvenient..ok.
  3. Halfway through vacuuming….the disposable bag’s full so I throw it out, then discover I don’t have any spare ones and it’s an hour long round trip to buy more….Doh!
  4. Seeing teenage man-child’s clothing drawers open – for the 97th time this week….. I mean, how hard is it to just close the drawer after you take your jocks out for goodness sake?????????
  5. Really dirty hands, NO HAND SOAP!!  Guess that will be me that fills that up huh?
  6. Having to put away the DVD’s laying on the TV unit…..again.  I swear I am one step closer to implementing my threat where everything that’s not put away will go into bags and be dropped off at the op shop.
  7. Finding 1 tiny, lonely piece of cold meat left in the container in the fridge – not even enough for a quarter slice of bread.  Guess if you leave it there that means the next person who comes along (Oh!  That would be MUM!) opens it and therefore the rule where “The last person who touches it has to wash up the container” now applies.
  8. Finding a pile of dirty socks stashed under a pile of clean clothes in teenage man-child’s room. Why they appear to be strategically hidden from something/one is beyond me?  Are the sock Nazi’s in the neighbourhood this week?  I counted 9 steps from his room to the dirty laundry basket – not exactly a marathon distance – yet he happily trudges the 16 steps from his room to the TV much more often and with much less whinging!  Go figure…..
  9. Someone leaves a tissue in their pocket and it goes through the wash!  Ok….so this is usually ME (looking sheepish…. 🙂  ) -but it still annoys me when it happens.
  10. Four drops of milk left in the container at 9 o’clock at night.  Shops are shut – that means no milk for brekky…..or coffee!
  11. Having to ask 18 times for teenage man-child (who’s sitting on couch watching Simpsons….very comfy thank you…while I’m trying to do 10 million things) to PLEASE feed the dogs before they forget the saying about “never bite the hand that feeds you”…….
  12. Driving all the way into town with various catalogues stuffed under one’s armpits, in full battle-dress and ready to brave the hoardes of desperate shoppers determined to buy anything with a red spot special…..only to find out the sale ended ……    yesterday…… 😦
  13. Why, after a hearty meal of roast beef, roast potatoes and yummy vegies, would you bother to leave 7 peas on your plate and then complain because Mum asked you to finish them off?  Annoyed….because the above-mentioned peas are quietly and surreptitiously fed to the drooling dog, desperate for any handout off the dinner plate……even if it is only 7 measly peas.
  14. Having a fridge full of food and no earthly idea what to have for dinner?????

Ahhhh – and on that note, I will retire to stare blankly into the fridge – silently willing Jamie Oliver to suddenly turn up on my doorstep out of the blue and inform me that I have won a whole month’s worth of his kitchen services!!!!  YAY!!  Oh well – no point in having small, achievable dreams, is there?  lol.  Best I get back to working out what’s for tea…..

Have a great weekend, fellow blog-landers…..

Peace & love.

Cheers – Sandy


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That’s me.  Although not to the extent that you would call it a “disorder” or “syndrome” ….. as such.  Well my poor long suffering hubby might disagree slightly with that statement!

Well, I’m happy to throw stuff out…..eventually.  Like after about 20 years…..or so. (She says sheepishly)

But, believe it or not – I hate my own clutter.  It’s like self-loathing.  I’ve already done two sweeps of my house to de-clutter it – and it’s still bursting at the seams!  I seriously do NOT know where I managed to stash the stuff that I got rid of during those de-clutter sessions.  And I don’t recall replacing it with other stuff either!

I have numerous clean-outs/ups etc and each time I have one, I find new places to put things.  And then I can’t find them!  So I can feel the need for Sweep Number Three coming on!

And to help me (and all you other Closet Clutterers out there bemoaning the fact that you never have enough storage space…yes, you know who you are…),  I found this wonderful little gem on the inter-web-net-thingy……

Nine Quick Tips to Identify Clutter

‘How many things are there which I do not want.’ ~Socrates

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project.

Lately, I’ve been on a clutter-clearing frenzy. For me, as for most people, outer order contributes to inner calm, and sweeping away a bunch of unloved, unused stuff has given me a huge happiness boost.

As I sifted through our possessions, I identified nine questions to ask myself when I was confronted with a questionable object. This list helped me decide what to keep and what to toss, recycle, or give away.

  1. Does this thing work? I was surprised by how hard it was to admit that something was broken and couldn’t be fixed—say, our dud toaster or my daughter’s frog clock. Why was I hanging on to these things?
  2. Would I replace it if it were broken or lost? If not, I must not really need it.
  3. Does it seem potentially useful—but never actually gets used? Something like an oversized water-bottle, a corkscrew with an exotic mechanism, or a tiny vase. Or duplicates. How many spare glass jars did I need to keep on hand?
  4. Was I “saving” it? Leaving bath gel in the tube, or hoarding my favorite stationery in a desk drawer, was as wasteful as never using these things. Spend out!
  5. Does it serve its purpose well? For example, we have a lot of “cute” kitchen objects that don’t really work.
  6. Has it been replaced by a better model? Inexplicably, I’m in the habit of keeping a broken or outmoded version of tech gadgets, even after they’ve been replaced. Pointless.
  7. Is it nicely put away in an out-of-the-way place? One of my Secrets of Adulthood is: Just because things are nicely organized doesn’t mean they’re not clutter. No matter how tidily a thing is stored, if I never use it, why keep it?
  8. Does this memento actually prompt any memories? Sometimes I automatically keep things that fall into the category of “mementos,” assuming that they’d set off some sort of response, but they don’t. The attendance trophy from my daughter’s pre-school sports class—out.
  9. Have I ever used this thing? I was absolutely shocked to find, when I started looking, how many things we owned that we had never once used. Many were gifts, true, but I promised myself we’d either put these things into use within a few weeks or give them away.

Please note:- These are not my words (although I would have been very pleased with myself had I thought of them!) and this is the website I got them from.  Some cool words of wisdom and I hope you enjoy reading his blogs!  Just copy and paste into your browser…..(Sorry, I haven’t worked out how to make a proper link yet, so if you know how – I’d be much obliged if you would tell me….)


And with that – I will leave blogland and go do something constructive…..like de-clutter my house……

Have a happy day!

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