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We’re in the middle of a flood! Lots of water around and much more to come from the catchment areas. I live in Central Queensland, Australia and we’re in the middle of a monster flood that threatens the record of the worst flood this town has had since records have been kept. Some of our rellies (relatives) live in an area that has already been cut off from the main part of Rockhampton – they are staying put for the moment as their house does not flood and we did a food drop to them yesterday, so they’ll be right for a while. Another sister in laws house is in Emerald where the worst flood in the history of the town has just peaked – still don’t know how much, if any, water is through the house. We live just outside of Rockhampton in a little town called Gracemere but the road is about to be cut any old day now and will probably be cut for 10 days??? No-one knows really…..this event is unprecedented in this region and no-one has answers as to how high the water will go…really…
Anyway – will try to be a sightseer over the next couple of days and take some pics. Probably the only time I will come close to having “lake views” from my town!
It’s chaotic here – on New Year’s Eve – the supermarkets have run out of so much stuff, everyone is panic buying….it’s really weird. I made sure I had enough loo paper ‘cos I sent all my newspapers out to the recycle station last week! lol (My Aussie readers will appreciate my sense of humour regarding my last comment!)
Take care, everyone who is experiencing this phenomenon. Be safe, please don’t risk your lives by driving through flood waters unless you know exactly what’s beneath them! We have already lost lives in Qld floods this month.
Food for thought….strange weather, floods one side of the country, severe bushfires the other side…..(hmmm – what is “Global Warming”?????????????)


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