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I’m an instant gratification kinda gal.  Actually, that’s probably a polite way of telling people that I’m as impatient as all get-out!  Not with all things….I’m really quite patient with animals and children. And melting glass to make beads. Ok….mostly patient with glass….sometimes not.  lol

What I am really NOT patient about is waiting in traffic.  Especially when I’m in a hurry and running late and should have already arrived at where  I was supposed to be about 8 minutes before-hand (which is usually 99.7% of the time – oops).

I also get grumpy when I have to wait in a queue for too long at the checkout.  This usually happens on the days I have forgotten to bring the insulated  “cold” bag with me and all the chilly stuff just has to sit there and drip.  All I can think of is my ice cream turning into puddles of sweet milk and my chicken thigh fillets turning into a delectable, albeit unplanned, treat for my puppies at their dinner time and not mine.  Checkout queue’s are nobody’s fault (except maybe Woollies who insist on having only 2 checkouts open to cope with 4000 customers at some of the busiest times of the day) – just one of those annoying delays…..take a deep breath….

My biggest desire for instant gratification is this:- when I buy something on-line, I usually needed it yesterday!  Never mind that I might have procrastinated for a week before buying it! I just need it NOW!  Do you ever find that?  Surely I’m not alone?  I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for my parcel of precious goodies to arrive via the friendly neighbourhood postie.  I particularly like those E-books that you get on-line….where you pay now (Paypal you are soooo awesome!!) and 10 minutes later – voila!  Your book is sitting in your in-box awaiting your perusal!  Love it!

Anyway…I’ve got a parcel from Mimi’s Gems coming from the good ol’ US of A!  Sooooo can’t wait for it to arrive!  Got a pile of swarovski and Tierracast stuff in it.  I need to play!

Here’s my new slogan….

“What do I want? Whatever I want! When Do I want it? NOW!!”

Have a good one!



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