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I’m an instant gratification kinda gal.  Actually, that’s probably a polite way of telling people that I’m as impatient as all get-out!  Not with all things….I’m really quite patient with animals and children. And melting glass to make beads. Ok….mostly patient with glass….sometimes not.  lol

What I am really NOT patient about is waiting in traffic.  Especially when I’m in a hurry and running late and should have already arrived at where  I was supposed to be about 8 minutes before-hand (which is usually 99.7% of the time – oops).

I also get grumpy when I have to wait in a queue for too long at the checkout.  This usually happens on the days I have forgotten to bring the insulated  “cold” bag with me and all the chilly stuff just has to sit there and drip.  All I can think of is my ice cream turning into puddles of sweet milk and my chicken thigh fillets turning into a delectable, albeit unplanned, treat for my puppies at their dinner time and not mine.  Checkout queue’s are nobody’s fault (except maybe Woollies who insist on having only 2 checkouts open to cope with 4000 customers at some of the busiest times of the day) – just one of those annoying delays…..take a deep breath….

My biggest desire for instant gratification is this:- when I buy something on-line, I usually needed it yesterday!  Never mind that I might have procrastinated for a week before buying it! I just need it NOW!  Do you ever find that?  Surely I’m not alone?  I’m like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for my parcel of precious goodies to arrive via the friendly neighbourhood postie.  I particularly like those E-books that you get on-line….where you pay now (Paypal you are soooo awesome!!) and 10 minutes later – voila!  Your book is sitting in your in-box awaiting your perusal!  Love it!

Anyway…I’ve got a parcel from Mimi’s Gems coming from the good ol’ US of A!  Sooooo can’t wait for it to arrive!  Got a pile of swarovski and Tierracast stuff in it.  I need to play!

Here’s my new slogan….

“What do I want? Whatever I want! When Do I want it? NOW!!”

Have a good one!



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Hello Blog ‘n Bead Buddies!!  Guess what  I’m doing??  No, nothing quite as exotic or exciting as I’m sure you are imagining right now……unfortunately I am not winging my way to a tropical paradise in the Whitsundays or embarking on a free holiday to Alaska or being wined and dined at a posh restaurant (well any restaurant that’s not Sizzler’s is posh to me  lol) or packing 200 of my lampwork beads into post bags because some fab customer thinks they would make dazzling exclusive jewellery (sigh, that would be nice….), I’m not even reading a letter from Woolies that congratulates me because I’ve won free groceries for a year (I wish!)……no, no, no…… I’m sitting in the middle of my “shed” (that’s what I call my rumpus room where I work) surrounded by kilometres of boxes of beads and beading components and wire and “stuff” thinking ….. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How on earth did I accumulate all this stuff????????????????  I didn’t even remember I had HALF these things!!

No wonder my poor long suffering hubby has a minor heart attack every time I bring something else home!  Well here’s a revelation for you – NEVER EVER again am I going to go stupid and buy humongous amounts of anything (well not until the next project, craft or hobby hits me, anyway… ha ha ha).  You know why?   ‘Cos now I’m gonna sell most of it!  That’s right – I seriously need to de-clutter for the simple reason is that I’ve run out of available space and I like my neighbours and I don’t want to move house!   I still have things I bought 9 or 10 or more years ago that I have never even opened – hobbies that I thought I could really get my teeth into like…. felt mobiles – I have a truck load of felt (somewhere – I haven’t got to that box yet) and glitter painting on t-shirts – I’ve still got the unopened mega bottle of glue and 48 containers of glitter….  Glass painting I did do for a while – I could open a shop with the number of colours I have and folk art was another hobby I sunk my teeth into for a while.  But none of them really took my fancy like beading!!  You beaders know exactly what I mean, don’t you?  Where do you stop?  Well the problem is – I didn’t!  I discovered the internet!  YAY!!  I could shop the world over and never leave my chair…and shop I did!  Lots of therapy shopping – not sure why it was therapy shopping, I wasn’t depressed or going through a breakup or anything! Mum and I used to go to the Bead & Gem Shows and – I kid you not – I used to take a spare suitcase just so I could fill it up with goodies to bring home!

Back to my floor covered in boxes………

I’ve moved on…to a different type of beading ….so I don’t need lots of the sorts of things I have in my stash which includes lots of plated components/findings, indian beads, gemstones, metal beads etc etc.  I prefer precious metals, making my own components and lampwork beads and the like and I have so much of the stuff I won’t use any more it’s just doing my head in!!  So – out it must go!  Cost price or less – and there will be kilos of the stuff.

So…the burning question is………….. anyone interested???   I’ll sort it all out and get back to you.  I thought I might list it in my ebay store, or on the website first to see if I get any takers.   In the meantime, if you are interested in being contacted when it’s all ready – please drop me an email at    sandypandybeads@yahoo.com.au

Have a great Monday!



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