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I’m motivated!!  Yep. I am.  I have been procrastinating for quite a while now – languishing between “don’t wanna”, “don’t feel like it”, “can’t be bothered”, “too busy”, “don’t feel well”, “have housework to do”……and just about any other lame excuse I could formulate in my brain.  But today, I was trolling through facebook and accidentally tripped over a post made by one of my FB friends showing this awesome little cupboard laundry where everything had a place and was actually stored there – even down to shelving in the doors!!!  (I mean…how cool is that!! How come I NEVER think of cool things like that?)

Anyway, this lady’s organising skills are no less than “incredible, amazing, awesome”  etc, etc,  and she has single-handedly inspired me to…..wait for it and don’t die of shock…….clean up my pigsty!!   I have accumulated sooooo much stuff over the years and in particular, beads, jewellery and lampworking tools, glass rods (but of course, a girl cannot possibly have too much glass!!  Can she?), more beads and findings, books, books, books, tutorials, photographic equipments, storage containers for beads….ooohhh – I am just dying under the weight of it all.

So I figured I’m prolly never going to get my coveted “girl’s shed” – like ever – and I’m also prolly never going to move into a much bigger house with many more storage rooms in which to hide my treasures, so best I get to it and decide which stuff I can’t live without for the next few months.  At the moment, I can’t actually get to my workbench because I have boxes of stuff and tool boxes full of tools and metal and wire and glass bottles that I’m going to cut up for recycling –  so I figured I needed to start right there!  Now I’m just about to head off to the shed ‘cos I know there are some plastic storage boxes down there that will come in very handy.  But what I really need is someone to materialise in my house and give me a really good pep talk along with some face to face tips on how to straighten out my mess!  Here are some “Before” shots of my pigsty….ahem….studio.

Behind the desk

In front of the desk

Kiln and computer area

Under the desk

Any takers?  Anyone……at all??

No?  Not surprising really after looking at these horrible pics!   Oh well, it’s up to me, I guess.  Wish me luck.  Don’t s’pose you’ll see me for about 2 years!!  LOL  In the meantime, check out Becky’s wonderful blog about organising etc  – she even has a son with Autism, just like me!


Well, here I go. I’m doing it!  Who knows…..maybe I’ll find my missing creative streak in amongst my “stuff”!!  And then when I’m done with my studio, there’s a cupboard in the spare room that’s in desperate need of a makeover!!

Have a great one, even if you’re cleaning!



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