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I’ve just got a couple of new bling, bling pretties – in the form of matching necklace and bracelet -to show you today.  Hope you like them!  As usual, they can be found on My Website …..

Have a terrific weekend!!

Cheers – Sandy

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Hello Fellow Bloggers and lovers of hole-y glassy baubles!!!  This is just a short post….yeah, right!   I want to show you some piccies of the beads I made earlier this month at Leah Fairbanks workshop at Wildlight Studios in Brisbane.  I had the BEST time in the world!!  Leah is a totally amazing teacher!!  If anyone is in two minds about doing a class with this super-uber talented lady – sign up NOW!!!  Leah brought her delightful friend and assistant, Susan, with her and they are two of the loveliest people you will ever meet.  A HUGE thank you also goes to Tracy of Wildlight Studios, for her generosity and kindness in making sure I had transport to and from the studio and also to my fellow classmates – who were a tremendous bunch of AWESOME people!!!  You guys ROCK!!

Now that I have gushed enough…..here are the pics….includes my very FIRST aquarium bead EVER!!!

Aquarium Bead

Aquarium Bead - different side

Fern bead

Foil and Flower Bead

Hollow Sunflower Bead

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