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Now that’s something that’s sadly lacking in my life lately – MOTIVATION!!!

If only it was something that was conveniently popped into a little capsule, packaged up in a pretty box and put on a shelf along with all the other squillions of supplements available for over the counter or online purchase.

So much to do…..enough time to do it……but sooooo little motivation.  I have heaps of filing to do and paper work to catch up on, not to mention more of that dreaded de-cluttering to endure – and of course, I just LOVE doing that sort of thing!!  NOT!!

Time to “Harden Up”, “Take a spoonful of cement” and just DO IT.  So that’s where I’m headed…..to the filing cabinets to continue my purge.  I think my head will be much clearer when I complete this task.

How does everyone else get on with this motivation issue (or lack of it)??  Do you have any tips to pass on?  What gets you (and keeps you) motivated to complete tasks.  Maybe I need to draw an imaginary finish line across the floor and dangle a piece of chocky over the end of it as a little reward for when all the filing’s done!  Wanna be a BIG piece of chocky to motivate me!   He he….

This is how our son was motivated to get good results in last term’s exams:-  Dad said (several years ago) that if Jake got an “A” on his report card for Maths, he would give him $100 cash!  Well, the young fella has struggled with Maths all through high school and so far the reward money has gone untouched.  Until recently……when teenage man-child came home sporting the largest grin in the universe, holding out his hand and issuing a directive to “Pay Up”!!  Yep!  He got an “A” for Maths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Woohoo!!!    Actually, he got four “A’s, one “B” and well we won’t mention the other mark……it was a little disappointing.  But overall – a brilliant result!!   Suffice to say that Dad quite happily handed over the moolah for his efforts!  Well done son!

See ya!  Have a great day!



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