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Oh dear…it’s been a little while (again) since I have put my musings on paper.  I have been getting ready for my annual mega jewellery party along with trying to tutor my son with his schoolwork.  He has learned that if you look busy in class and don’t draw attention to yourself, then the teachers just let you get on with things.  Unfortunately the “things” he has been getting on with have mostly included drawing cartoons and doodling in his spare exercise book!!  So his last report card was a bit of a shocker and sent me into panic mode!!  LOL  Anyway after some intense after school aid by said mother, man-child has now completed all assessment assignments and has only one set of exams left next week and then school is over for him…for this year anyway!  And we get to hang out together over the holidays which is always lovely.  It’s nice that a 15 yo boy still wants to do stuff with his mum…….

Well….we get to hang out AFTER he gets back from Japan, that is.  Did I mention that he’s going to Japan soon with the school…. for 20 days?

Without me?

Or his father?

Overseas!!!!!  A world traveller at 15!  I still haven’t been overseas……. 😦  No fair!  He will have a brilliant time – and I can’t wait ’til he’s safely home…….he he.

Now back to the jewellery party……My mum and I make lots of jewellery and have a big party at the end of the year.  I’ve handed out heaps of invitations and hope to get a good turnout – never can tell how these things are gonna work out until the day dawns.  I’m just struggling a little to get everything finished on my list – had a few little hiccups but everything will work out on the day I’m sure (fingers crossed!)  I’ve been keeping things under wraps so we have some exclusive goodies for the party goers and I  haven’t updated my website for a little while but that will change when the party is over because I will start photographing and listing what’s left.  IF there’s anything left!!  Now that’s positive thinking for ya! LOL

Best get back to work……so many ideas to work with – it’s wonderful to have the creative juices flowing again!  Looking forward to getting back on my torch and melting some glass……next month!!  Hope you’re all having a good one!

Cheers for now…..Sandy 🙂


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