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I’ve been a bit quiet of late….we’ve had severe flooding here – I was on holidays and travelling at the time and got stuck away from home.  Back now though and getting back into the swing of things.  Finished off this pair of earrings for a lovely customer…..think I might do some more in different colours.  What do you think??

Finished-Earrings Close-up

Hope you’re having a good one….whatever you’re doing!



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Have you ever dug your heels in about something that you really DIDN’T want to do?  And I don’t mean when you were a kid and were determined not to cut in half the last red jelly snake to share with your brother!  (Although thinking back….that would be right up there  amongst the top things to dig your heels in about…)

No.  I’m talking about knowing you have to do something – sort of  life or death (well almost) – with the knowledge that it’s no longer a democratic decision on your part.  You know…..the choice is no longer solely yours to make, outta your hands etc etc.   Of  little comfort is the fact that knowing the outcome will benefit you and therefore probably others around you,  knowing that you will get used to it…..eventually (sure! yada, yada…etc)…..and maybe you won’t even hate it so much anymore.

I’m talking about EXERCISE!  *sigh*

I hate exercise!

Ok, I’m lazy. I know that.  I love to be a couch potato.  I love to watch the telly.  I love to dawdle around when I’m doing my shopping.  Any sport that involves sitting on my butt….I’m your man!  Er, well….woman 🙂   Even my work involves sitting down – either making beads, or making jewellery or book keeping etc.  Actually I used to be incredibly active when I was growing up, continuing all through my teens and early twenties.  I think that’s the problem – I’ve used up all my energy in the first 20 years of my life!!  LOL   Or maybe it’s because I have Fibromyalgia and it hurts  to do much else than sit,  some days.

Either way…….apparently 71.5 kgs for my petite frame is way too much, as is my cholesterol level of ……(mumble, mumble – not telling!) . Oh and don’t forget the fact that I can’t seem to run the fur babies around the back yard without collapsing into a heaving, wheezing, coughing mess.  Add that to my various sleeping issues etc etc and my  doctor’s orders are that I slide that chair under the table, put up the foot rest on my comfy recliner, turn the computer off,  lace up my joggers and move my butt (and my legs) towards the great outdoors.  Or the treadmill.  Whatever is my preferred option – that choice is actually up to me!


How does one start this new-fangled exercise stuff?  Actually, I did start walking a few months ago.  For a couple of weeks anyway.  I am a self-confessed “night freak” BUT I got myself out of bed at 5.30 in the morning (what the hell was I on??  And where can I get some more???  :)) and joined the army of “morning freaks” for their daily dose of dawn torture.  And most of them even looked HAPPY at that time of the day!  Pretty sure my face told a very different story to theirs….LOL    Several mornings, I even walked in the rain!  Now that’s dedication!!  It was on one of these rainy mornings when I was hurrying home, that I strained my foot and ended up  with a foot spur – which was incredibly painful.  See!  I knew exercise was damaging to your health!  This would not have happened if I was tucked up in bed!

Not that I’m really fat or anything – I just need to lose enough weight so that I don’t have to succumb to Number Two on my list of things that I really HATE doing……………CLOTHES SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway……….I’ve procrastinated enough.  Time to just “man up” and get stuck in.  Maybe I’ll start nice and slow.  Just a few laps around the lounge room and then I might have to have a little lie down on the couch with a cuppa. 🙂

Catch you all later!!  Hope you’re having a great week!

Cheers – Sandy

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Just a couple of piccies for you – some earrings that I’ve made.  As usual, you can find them here:  My Website

Hope you like them!


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I’ve just got a couple of new bling, bling pretties – in the form of matching necklace and bracelet -to show you today.  Hope you like them!  As usual, they can be found on My Website …..

Have a terrific weekend!!

Cheers – Sandy

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Just thought I would share with you a bracelet that I made late last year and have now just put it up for sale on my website.  There’s something very satisfying about starting out with some glass rods and sterling silver wire and creating a little piece of art right from scratch.  All of what you see in this bracelet has been created by me from raw materials – with the exception of the two sterling silver beads on either side of the focal and the little star charm on the dangle. I gotta say it’s really nice to see a finished product after having cut, shaped, balled, soldered, hammered and polished wire  into submission – not to mention the melting of glass into pretty beady things….lol.  Hope you like it!  For more info (inc price etc) click on “My Website” in the right hand column….. 🙂   BRACELET IS NOW SOLD!!! Thank you Alex!!

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Just a quickie post to let you know that I have some new “Bling” that I’ve just listed on my website.  So here’s a piccie  and if you’re interested, click on the links to my website…..

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Hi guys!  Just wanted to share piccies of a bracelet that I made recently.  I’m quite proud of this – it’s almost completely hand fabricated by me, all except for the brass jump rings.  I’ve cut the links out of brass sheeting, then filed, hammered, shaped, drilled waxed and polished it.  I have used 2mm square brass wire and wrestled it into shape for the toggle and  links between the beads.  The lampwork beads have been made by me….of course…lol.  I’ve also attached a little handmade tag with the intials “SP” stamped on it – this stand for “Sandy Pandy” and means the piece of jewellery is truly OOAK (one of a kind).  It’s gorgeous to wear – so comfy!

It’s available on my website, along with all the relevant details – if you’re interested click on My Website on the right hand side……the link will take you straight there!  Hope you like it….

Footnote:-  Bracelet is now SOLD!

Lampwork Bead & Brass Bracelet

Lampwork Bead & Brass Bracelet

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