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Good morning Guys ‘n Gals!!

You all know how much of a brilliantly organised person I am (NOT!!!  lol)  – I just wanted to quickly share this blog I found while trawling through Facebook this morning.  What a brilliant idea!!  Although I reckon I would have to do daily purges, at least to start off with until I get my enormous pile of hoarded “stuff” under control!!  LOL    Anyway….go check it out for yourself – great ideas!


Hoping to put pen to paper (or fingers on keyboard…he he) shortly for some new bloggy news.  I have been super uber busy getting ready for my Annual Sandy Pandy Jewellery Party and it is now OVER for another year, so I have a small window of breathing space before I get back into full swing, giving my son the extra tutoring he needs to make it through end of year exams etc…..   Chat soon!

Have a great weekend!

Cheers – Sandy

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